is a non-UDDI registry of public Web Services. You can browse Web Services and call their operations with the build-in SOAP client. The availability of the services is checked by continous service monitoring. Feel free to register yourself a service.

Name Description Rating Availability Action
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Web_Apoyo_BI Formato de Fecha YYYY-MM-DD (
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astronomy Returns sunrise or sunset time for a given decimal latitude and longitude on a given date
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IP2Geo Our system uses a multiple sources for resolution. Including a host database, trace route informatio...
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Website Screenshots This is the service. Available methods: * get : Get a screenshot for a given URL....
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JDispatcherService MAFFT (Multiple Alignment using Fast Fourier Transform) is a high speed multiple sequence alignment p...
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SendService Methods to send SMS messages individually and in batches. Click here for a <a href="https://www.esend...
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Featured Services

These services are showing some advanced featured like dependency and consumer management.

Name Description Rating Availability Action
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2010/08/18 - Membrane Registry Software Version 1.3.0 Released

The registry software version 1.3.0 is now available for download. Take a look at the release notes for more information.

2009/07/15 - Site Launch

After a long period of testing, is leaving BETA state. The site is in production, now.

2009/06/29 - Registry Software Available

The registry software used by is now available for download. The registry is a Java EE Web application that can be deployed into an Java EE application server or in a web container like Apache Tomcat.

2009/04/29 - Service Events

The registry is now displaying service events when:

  • a service is going down/up
  • a new service is registered
  • the WSDL of a service is changed
The events of each individual service are stored and can be displayed as service history.

2008/09/30 - Service Availability

The service availability is now measured by Every day a request is send to the registered endpoints to test their availability. The availability in percent is displayed at each service description. You can even browse the messages exchanged to see what went wrong in case of failure. After creating a user by signing in you can get notifications about the services you are monitoring.

2008/08/14 - Service Invokation Statistics

Each Service invokation made by the generic client is now measured. You can get statistics about the duration of invokations by service and operation.

2008/07/23 - Form Input for Soap Client

The SOAP Client offers now an HTML form to fill in the values for a SOAP request. The Client can be used also from the WSDL browser of the registry.

Form Input of SOAP Client

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